Bitindi Documentation

Bitindi is a layer 1 blockchain for DeFi, NFTs and gaming. It is built with GO, has EVM support and uses BPoS consensus mechanism.

Get started

Open-source GPL3 Licensed. GitHub

Solidity support

Port your existing DeFi applications from Ethereum to Bitindi without modifying the Solidity code.


Bitindi has higher transaction throughput than legacy Ethereum, and is more efficient with blockchain storage.

Meta Transaction

The meta-transaction function is supported, which allows users to reduce gas fees step-wise, and Bitindi will cover the payment of the reduced part.

EVM extensions

Bitindi extends EVM with native token bridge, scheduled calls (ie. recurring payments), and smart contract in-place code upgrades.

Bitindi staking

Participate in Bitindi chain validation, upgrades and governance and earn rewards on your staked Bitindi tokens.

Developer Friendly

Bitindi's mission is not only a public chain, but also to focus on the discovery and support of high-potential developers and innovative projects.